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"By employing imagination and artistic passion, Ebru offers unparalleled expression beyond any boundaries. The many forms and paths it takes enables its admirers to be enmeshed in a boundless, intricate and delicate aesthetic."

Yasemin Dobra-Manço has conducted research on Western encounters with the East. Having had numerous articles and academic papers published, her interest in global cultural interactions along trade routes expanded. Her M.A. thesis at Columbia University (Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures Department, New York) was on Orientalism. Her formal education includes 6 languages. She is a graduate of the United Nations International School and Vassar College and has studied art history in England at the School of Oriental and African Studies, and at Oxford University (matriculated St. John's College, Oriental Studies). In addition to her academic training in studio art and art history, she has held internships at Sotheby's and Christie's. She has received training from various artists in the fields of calligraphy and miniature painting. Since her early academic studies at the Metropolitan Museum of Art under the auspices of  Columbia University and curators, she has interviewed artists and assisted various art historians.

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This web-page background is an Ebru monoprint by Yasemin Dobra-Manco. It displays the Shawl (Şal) pattern which is based on a Gel-Git design, upon which an implement known as a Biz is used to draw wavy or diagonal lines to achieve the shawl pattern.